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Lyme Park

Lyme Park, originally uploaded by foto-art. Another stark shot at Lyme Park in Cheshire. The important elements in the composition here are the tree, the tower, the figure and the rock. Positioning the horizon low in the frame gives a … Continue reading

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Trees, originally uploaded by foto-art. A stark black and white shot taken at Lyme Park, in Cheshire, England. For some reason last year I got into black and white photography – something I have not done much of in over … Continue reading

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Pyramid fantasy

Pyramid fantasy, originally uploaded by foto-art. Another photomontage. I am always looking for shots like this with unusual or ruined buildings that have open doorways or windows where a montage element can be added. I nearly always favour the rather … Continue reading

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Priestess fantasy

Priestess, originally uploaded by foto-art. Another photomontage fantasy. I quite the fun irreverence of this image.

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Posts on frozen lake

Posts on frozen lake, originally uploaded by foto-art. Another fairly minimalist shot taken spontaneously. I would have liked to have taken a lower vantage point but then I could not avoid the houses on the other side of the lake.

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Donkeys at the seaside

donkeys, originally uploaded by foto-art. I love the emptiness and slight bleakness of this shot, which sums up the coastal resort of Blackpool in Lancashire on a cold, windy autumn day. This was taken while out for a walk on … Continue reading

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cyclist, originally uploaded by foto-art. I find that when I go out with my camera, a certain amount of spontaneity is required. I do not usually go out to take a particular, planned image, but rather to walk with my … Continue reading

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