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Mediterranean lamp

I just love these Mediterranean lamps and so I isolated this one using my zoom lens so that it is picked out against the white walls of the surrounding buildings. A simple composition yet it has a minimalist attractiveness about … Continue reading

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Stile and sky – A look at minimalism

Stile and sky, originally uploaded by foto-art. Stile and sky near near Rode Heath, South Cheshire. Another minimalist shot. This was taken with a red filter to enhance contrast. Many of my photographs are what might be called ‘Minimalist’. This … Continue reading

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Dead tree – Landscape as self-portrait of the photographer

Dead tree, originally uploaded by foto-art. Dead tree near Rode Heath, South Cheshire, England. What does that mean? ‘A landscape as a self-portrait of the photographer’. I indicated earlier that you could save yourself hundreds of pounds or dollars by … Continue reading

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Shutlingsloe – Print size and megapixel tutorial

Shutlingsloe, originally uploaded by foto-art. Classic Peak District National Park scenery. I don’t often do this kind of shot, but the light was just right here. The sun was quite low in the sky and so the texture and curves … Continue reading

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Southport couple

Southport couple, originally uploaded by foto-art. Opportunistic shot of this couple on the sea wall at Southport. Another minimalistic shot that just caught my eye. All the elements are important: the wall, the fence, the curve of the road, the … Continue reading

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Southport beach – minimalist shot

Southport beach, originally uploaded by foto-art. Minimalist shot of Southport beach, Lancashire, England. Once again, I just love the emptiness and simplicity of these sorts of images. Notice again the principle of thirds: the horizon in one third up the … Continue reading

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malta, originally uploaded by foto-art. Hotel balcony in Malta. Another of my favourite style of minimalist pictures. Here again I am using the principle of thirds to divide up the shot. What I like about this picture is it’s near … Continue reading

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