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Tutorial – Photomontage – Elements and layers

The last few years have been a very arid period for my photography and creativity generally. It just seems to happen sometimes that I do not feel able to get motivated and inspired in my photography. Still, a few ideas … Continue reading

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The best photographic article you could ever read!

This article could save you hundreds of pounds and hours of wasted time! When people admire my images and make complimentary remarks, (not all people do by any means), then the second thing they usually say is something like: ‘You … Continue reading

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Composition and perception – examples of problems

Here are some examples of poor composition or similar problems. 1) This composition is not bad – a little cropping at the bottom would lower the horizon and improve the picture, but there is no main element of interest. 2) … Continue reading

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Composition and perspective – Examples of problems

All these examples show what I mean by poor composition: 1) the black and white photo has the horizon too high and the tops of the trees cropped. 2) The signpost is obscured by an horizon that is too high. … Continue reading

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