About this blog

This blog was originally set up in 2007 a showcase/catalogue for the art effect prints that I was producing and selling at that time. I abandoned this particular venture with the financial crash of 2008/2009 and the blog then came to reflect some of the more general photographic work that I was doing as a hobby at that time. It was aimed at amateur photographers and offered a few hints and tips, especially regarding techniques that I used in Adobe Photoshop.

Being over protective, I did not want to ‘give away’ my images and I ensured that the images on these early posts were in very low resolution and also contained a ‘spoiling’ copyright watermark – annoying I know, but I stopped this practice after a few years. New posts reflect better quality images both as a result of technical developments and a greater willingness on my part to share these images online.

I have kept a number of older posts on the blog because they sometimes reflect the changes occurring at the time, such as changing from using 35mm transparency film, equipment and techniques to a more fully fledged digital approach. In fact, many changes and developments have occurred in digital imaging since this blog was started. The first decade of the millennium saw the scramble by camera manufacturers for their cameras to produce images with more and more megapixels. My first digital camera had 4 megapixels and I continued to use my 35mm camera alongside it, with local film processing stores offering to digitize the film, supplying these images on a disc. Towards the end of the first decade of the millennium, 8 megapixels was pretty well the top of the range!

I then reviewed the blog in July 2018, making it more streamlined. The large gaps in the archive dates reflect a period where I took a break from photography and became more involved in academic study. I continued to take some images during this period, but mainly when I was on vacation. As the period of study came to an end, my interest in photography was revived. Now that I am retired, I find that I have more time to focus on my photography hobby and this blog!